R.I.P. David Bowie

I’m remembering a time when I was looking for my friend Greg Torringtonin the Molson Room backstage at a David Bowie concert. I think it was The Glass Spider tour with Peter Frampton on guitar as a special guest. I ended up in the wrong room waiting for Greg when just about every announcer from Chez 106 in Ottawa walked in. Jim Hurcomb, Diane Laursen, Workman John, Michael A Giunta, Dave Shute, Greg, a few others, the rep from Polygram who was lining everybody up quickly and in walks Bowie himself. The rep is introducing him to everyone and I’m there quite by accident and they get to me. The rep doesn’t know what to say and David just looks at me, towering over me, extends his hand and says in his very distinct voice and accent: You poor soul! You don’t have name??!! Everyone in the room says: It’s JOHNNY and laughs including Mr Bowie himself. He is also pictured here with my good friend Greg Gorman who has taken many photos of David over the years and with whom I’ve had the extreme pleasure to work with myself. Rest In PeaceDavid Bowie – by John Cody